Japanese Society of Pharmaceutical Oncology

Society Summary


Japanese Society of Pharmaceutical Oncology


5th Floor, Tsukiji MF 26-Gokan, 2-12-10 Tsukiji, Chuo Ward, Tokyo
Located within Asahi ELLES Inc.


The Society aims, through progress in academic research into pharmaceutical treatments for cancer and by developing and promoting the use of evidence-based pharmaceutical treatments for cancer, to achieve the best treatment results possible using anti-cancer treatments, to minimize side-effects, and to prevent in advance serious health damage, thereby contributing to the development of medical treatments for cancer and improvements in public health.

Business Activities

The Society conducts the following business activities related to pharmaceutical treatments of cancer (including supportive treatments)

(1)Organizing academic conferences, lecture meetings, seminars and workshops

(2)Encouraging and promoting collaboration between hospitals and pharmacies

(3)Supporting clinical research, information exchange, promotion of communication, implementation of investigative research

(4)Engaging in educational activities for cancer patients and their families

(5)Training and accrediting specialist pharmacists (Accredited Pharmacists of Ambulatory Cancer Chemotherapy, APACCs)